The costly inefficiencies of our current healthcare system cannot be resolved with incremental change, instead, a complete replacement of its infrastructure is first required.

The installation is complete.  New digital systems are in place, enabling an extraordinary opportunity for this transition.

We are investing in passionate entrepreneurs who build companies that take advantage of this dramatic change.

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Age old problems need better solutions

The U.S. healthcare system is among the most expensive in the industrialized world, yet yields the poorest performance ratings. Costing nearly twice as much as our peers creates tremendous opportunity for improvement.

Today’s solutions have only shed light on the opportunity that exists. Technologies such as electronic medical records, genomics and telemedicine have laid the digital infrastructure to harbor transformative innovations.

Mass overhaul has taken place in the news, media and transportation industries –– healthcare is next.



We believe technology will penetrate and redirect healthcare practices, tools and delivery models into the digital era.

Our role is to identify the right combination of entrepreneurs with solutions to these problems as early and middle stage investors.

We target companies that have a strong team, proven revenue in a growing market, are focused on sustainable growth and are strategically capital efficient.

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We have participated in the first wave of digital health innovation as investors and entrepreneurs, learning what works and what doesn’t in this complex universe.

Our goal is to provide this experience and resources to our portfolio, allowing us to be active investors in their growth and success.

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rMark Bio is a company of product strategists, engineers, data scientists and designers who are experts in our domain and passionate about advancing life sciences for the greater good. They facilitate healthcare innovation through a number of products and tools.

Agathos sends action-level insights on practice patterns directly to hospital physicians, empowering better care and lower costs. We leverage precise attribution, trusted peer comparisons, and seamless mobile notifications to reduce length of stay and unwarranted variation in care.

Ripple is data-driven and expertly designed to facilitate communication and collaboration across studies, to deliver better experiences for participants, researchers, and trial leaders.

Navv Systems and implements a simple infrastructure-free location services platform at hospitals and other complex facilities. They provide real-time operational data both indoors and outdoors that can be used for performance improvement and chain-of-custody management solutions.

Jonathan Goldstein

Jonathan Goldstein


  • Entrepreneur turned advisor and investor
  • Guides companies from seed to exit with an operator’s perspective
  • Has a passion for helping entrepreneurs fulfill their potential